Wherever you are, be safe

Wabs is a startup that wants to revolutionize and maximize the safety concept.

Our aim is to focus our attention on the customers' analysis to create around them a network of knowledges, useful tools and objects to ensure and improve their safety and their life.

Thanks to the most innovative technologies, our products will allow you to live carefree and totally protected everywhere, be it an everyday urban scenario, a long trip into the mountain or a journey far out at sea, without excluding reliability and ease of use.

We want everybody to have a safer life because safety is a right of everyone. That’s why our motto is

“Wherever you Are, Be Safe”

Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.”

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We're finally going to launch our first device!


Coming soon

We are working on a safety-tracker device that, thanks to its unique characteristics, is capable of improving the efficiency of the rescue, especially in extreme situations.

It is developed to:

Decrease the time between the SOS and the effective intervention
Customize the rescue and maximize its efficiency
Work worldwide, poles included!

Safety does not come with luck. It has to be prepared.”

About us

Everything begins from a nightmare, when a friend is in a harmful situation without the possibility of making a distress call. Suddenly, something appears on him and everything turns out right.

Starting from this dream, we began to elaborate our idea, to incorporate a company and to develop the first prototypes.

We created a team characterized by different kind of expertise, from business and marketing to electronics and mechanics. After two years, we decided to move our company from London to Bozen, since it is a very interesting environment to develop our first project.

Mattia Marchiori

Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder

Giovanni Salmaso

Chief Marketing Officer & Cofounder

Safety is more important than convenience.”

Work with us

We are looking for professional figures with a strong team spirit and motivation who want to get involved in the growth of our business.

If you think you are the right person for our startup and you want to win this challenge with us, do not hesitate to contacts us via the contacts form below.

Safety does not happen by accident.”

Our partners

Air navigation software for HEMS studied to guarantee safe conditions for aircrafts and rescuers

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We value enterprise and curiosity in people; whether you want to take up the challenge with us or just want some more information, please contact us!

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